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Precision waterjet cutting, laser engraving

Steampunk fairy wings

Wings on dark surface smaller.jpg

Fantastic Steampunk Fairy wings we made for my Halloween costume one year. Made from Copper and brass.

well cover.gif Advanced Waterjet & Engraving can help you with your cutting needs. Whether you need something cut in glass, plastic, marble, stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, wood, brass, copper or any number of other materials, we can cut it for you. Unlike other cutting methods, the water jet has a tolerance of +/- 0.005 and can cut intricate designs with ease. We also have the ability to etch a design into your material.

one inch spanner.jpg All we need from you is the design and the information about the material you wish to use. The design preferably will be a CAD file, but we can work by scanning an original drawing and converting it into CAD. If CAD services are needed, we can accommodate that request.

complete rocket.bmp We at Advanced Waterjet & Engraving have a strong background in design and production so are ideal for those clients that require an artistic sensibility.  Most other Water jet shops cater to those with large production amounts and charge a great deal to those that just need a few pieces.  Not Advanced Waterjet & Engraving.  We cater to the smaller project. Click here to see more etching

We take the time to nest your pieces so you get the most out of your material. We can also stack cut material which can save time and money.

Bitmap in tight nesting.bmp

quarter glass.JPG

Not many Waterjet shops like to deal with glass of any sort.  Advanced Waterjet doesn't see any problems with cutting glass.  We have come up with many creative solutions for successful glass cutting.

6 inch ss small.jpg 6 inch stainless was no problem for the Waterjet. This particular type of stainless, 15-5, gave a beautiful edge.