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Advanced Waterjet cutting and engraving

glass dragonfly.JPG

This is a specialty item that we made with our waterjet using aluminum and art glass. If you are interested in purchasing a custom made dragonfly, please contact us.

pretty dragnflys.jpg

Here are some more varied dragonflies we created using stained glass and aluminum.

3inch interlock.gif

Here is polycarbonate cut into interlocking rings.


The waterjet can cut almost any solid material up to 6 inches thick.


With the mini jet, we can cut very small pieces with great precision.

etch flowers.bmp

Here is a great example of etching on aluminum.

programable z.jpg

The programable z axis allows for 3D cutting.


The Omax software has 5 different quality settings for cutting.

small boney dog.jpg

This is an example of fine detail cutting of brass.

HB steel finished grill small.jpg

We cut this grill from brushed stainless and etched the logo using Cermark

strip of glass.JPG

Advanced Waterjet has cut many types of glass including art glass and crystal.

wood lattice.gif

Even softer materials like plywood are cut with ease. Here is an example of lattice made from A/B exterior ply.

space facade.bmp

Beautiful design cut from Aluminum.

little fancy O.gif

For those in the sign shop business, cutting beautiful lettering from aluminum is not a problem for the waterjet.

fountain plates small2.jpg

This is half inch stainless we cut for a fountain cover.

2_5inch steel 2.jpg

An example of a really clean edge cut from 2.5" Stainless steel.